Notes of Praise

We love our clients, and some of them even love us back! We welcome the opportunity to earn yours!

Jonathan Schwartz & Blair Hartzell

If you’re buying or selling a home, you need to do it with the Courtney Smith + Kurt Wisner team. We worked primarily with Alyssa Valentine to sell our home, and she was fantastic.  The C+K handymen got our house in tip-top shape, and we went to market very quickly.  Alyssa’s marketing materials were excellent, and we were so happy to have her charming husband, Anselm, run our open houses.  Alyssa scheduled a two-week viewing window followed by an offer deadline, and the strategy was stellar.  We had a half-dozen offers, countered all, and ended up with an incredible accepted offer in the second round.  Alyssa’s strategy was savvy and effective; she’s exactly the listing agent you want to get the best price on your home. She was in touch throughout escrow, which closed without any complications.

We started shopping for our next home with a different agent, but after a few weeks, we found ourselves asking why we weren’t working with the best.  So we called Alyssa.  We were very hands-on home-shoppers who checked Redfin daily and mapped our open-house tours every Sunday.  Alyssa was in contact regularly and we compared notes every Monday or Tuesday, scheduled second visits, etc.  When my wife and I found a listing that really sparked our interest, Alyssa was responsive and got us a showing the next day.  We put in an offer that night, and with Alyssa’s help, negotiated a successful offer.  Alyssa’s buying strategy, like her selling strategy, is smart, well-informed, and quick.  If you’re buying, she’s the agent you want in this competitive market.  Escrow proceeded smoothly — thanks to Alyssa’s deft handling of the seller, who we later realized was a headache we’d been spared.

We’ve already recommended Alyssa to a friend and will continue to do so.  Having met dozens of agents during our six-month-long journey of selling a house and buying a new one, Alyssa and the Courtney + Kurt team are the absolute best in Los Angeles.  They are the kind, cool, reasonable, experienced people you want on your side in any real estate deal.

Miki Nguyen

Courtney + Kurt is the super dream team!  Buying a first home is a stressful experience. They were so patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

My agent was Blake Hood.  However, I scored a mega deal because both Courtney + Kurt were also available to help and give moral support throughout the entire process and thereafter!
As my agent, Blake was knowledgeable yet super chill and really understood my aesthetics.  He handled my first-time-home-buyer anxiety like a champ and went out of his way to ensure my (very specific) demands were met.  I am sitting happy in my new home thanks to Blake and his rad referrals (special shout-out to Doug from Hillhurst Mortgage).
In the future, I will choose Courtney + Kurt to sell and buy all of my homes without hesitation.

John Curiel

I don’t believe that I would be in such a great place without the help of Anselm, Alyssa and the rest of their team. I was pleased to find out that Anselm was a straight shooter–he wouldn’t BS me or waste my time. The process is never easy but Anselm was quick to anticipate my needs, be available for any questions/concerns and keep my best interests in mind. As a FORMER first time home buyer with little knowledge of real estate, I highly recommend Anselm, Alyssa and their team.

The Furlongs

My husband & I had been in our home for 26 years & thinking of moving to a condo. Eugene helped us from day one; going over every detail of the process from timing, marketing, what we needed to do to present our home in the best light, realistic pricing, & advising us on updated housing codes we  needed to follow. After about 6 weeks on the market, we had 13 valid offers for well over asking price. We could not have been happier with Eugene and his handling of the whole experience. He worked with us to make sure we felt comfortable each step of the way & was always available to answer our endless questions. He also helped us find a fantastic condo to purchase.

Sarah Scarlata

Being a first-time buyer in this crazy market was daunting, but Rosemery Portillo helped me every step of the way.  She answered all of my questions and cared about my needs, I felt like a valued client regardless of my budget.  Rosemery helped me find the perfect condo and led me to the neighborhood I now call home.  Can’t recommend her and Courtney Smith + Kurt Wisner Real Estate enough!

Caroline Plasencia

Courtney + Kurt came to me highly recommended by someone who had seen their work in the neighborhood. I had previously listed my house with another real estate firm for several months with poor results that led to offers that were well under my asking price. By the time I met the C + K team I was on the edge. At my first meeting with them, I was filled with hope again. They have an infectious energy and loads of charisma.

Alyssa Valentine was my listing agent and helped me ready my home with her team of
contractors. She eased my concerns, kept costs low and the renovation on time. C+K also extended some extra help in renovating my house and knew just what to do to appeal to buyers at minimal cost and they have excellent taste. They offered those little touches no one notices like the way they block parking in front of your house so they can take the best pictures without interference. My experience with them was a vast improvement over my earlier listing. No detail was overlooked.

They prepped my house for one week which included renovation, staging, skillful ad
placement with a schedule of open houses accompanied with beautifully printed marketing materials. Within fourteen days I accepted an offer that was far above my asking price and my expectations. There were also solid back-up offers. During escrow, Alyssa fought tirelessly to meet any demands put forth by the buyer. The process is a roller coaster ride but they were prepared for all of the surprises that surface during escrow.

The C+K team are skillful negotiators, they know the area and the market, and they know how to sell a house. I am so glad I found them. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

Kelli O.

Courtney + Kurt = professional, patient and determined. Our agent was master negotiator Blake Hood, who got us through a quick escrow with incredible skill, tact and sense of humor. Oh, and patience! He expertly navigated us first-time homebuyers through the whole offer, counter-offer, inspection and closing processes. He provided great recommendations for inspection, plumbing and pest control services. In this competitive housing market, it was amazing to have Blake, Kurt and Courtney on our side, working to get us into our new home. Very highly recommended!

Charlie Martensen

Fantastic! Anselm was spectacular. From the very beginning, he was professional, personable, encouraging, and thorough. Most importantly, Anselm told the truth and never set false expectations. Home buying can feel overwhelming – this was my first home purchase, and Anselm helped walk me through the nature and steps of the deal from initial offer and inspections until we closed. No matter what happened, I knew I was working with a straight shooter who would not put me at risk of making a bad decision. He was especially helpful with my counter, as our many inspections yielded surprising finds that we tried to work into my budget. Mission accomplished. I will be recommending to all of my friends.

Florence Sunoo & Vince Marshel

Courtney + Kurt have a well rounded, knowledgeable dream team!

My fiancé, Vince and I have always dreamed of flipping houses. We scrimped and saved to do our first flip project not knowing much about the business. Our agents, Alyssa + Anselm found us a great deal on a cute but distressed Spanish style house and guided us through a quick close all cash purchase process, which was a completely new world for us. Kurt + Alyssa also walked through the property during the renovation to advise us on what would add the most value to the property. Once the house was completed the team at Courtney + Kurt listed the house and within 10 days we had 11 offers, YES I said 11 OFFERS (we couldn’t believe it either)! AND… most of the offers were well above ask. We ended up selling our first flip project at a neighborhood record breaking price!!

We are now working on our second project, which the team at Courtney + Kurt also found for us… so I guess in someways Courtney + Kurt are helping to make our dreams come true!

Eric & Sabrina Derrington

This letter is being written in whole-hearted support of Courtney Smith + Kurt Wisner. We moved in to a home in our dream neighborhood towards the end of November, and that reality would never have been realized without their unending dedication, innovation, and hard work.

When we met Courtney, we were frustrated and discouraged—we had been searching for an affordable (first-time owners) and yet comfortable home in a very specific location for several months, and had been beat out on several offers. Our realtor at the time was pleasant but disinterested, and we felt as if were doing much of the footwork ourselves. What a contrast Courtney + Kurt were! From the moment we started working with them it was clear that they had a firm mission in mind, and that mission was to find (and successfully buy) the home we wanted. They were incredibly knowledgeable about the housing market, the neighborhood we were looking in, and the ins and outs of home ownership. Through the ups and downs of the home search they were consistently positive, encouraging, and yet realistic—they always seemed several steps ahead of the game and had a well-formulated plan for how to achieve our goals. And their energy was incredible! We’ve actually wondered if Courtney ever sleeps!

We can’t say enough about what a positive experience we had working with Kurt and Courtney. They will do an excellent job for anyone in a position to either sell or purchase real estate, because they understand what is involved, have an incredible work ethic, and—more importantly—actually care about what the client is going through. It’s like having really good friends find you a home—or sell your house.

We would be more than happy to speak with anyone considering Courtney + Kurt as realtors; we are so grateful for the excellent job they did and for their support and friendship.

They also helped us move into our place two days before Thanksgiving and helped us hire painters who got the job done before company showed up – who does that?

Miraan Sa & Philippe Denis

Recently, we had to re-locate from San Francisco to Los Angeles without having any knowledge of the area.  We were fortunate to have been referred to Geoff, and without a doubt he made this transition something to look forward to.  His expertise and professionalism in all aspects of his work helped us navigate through the ins and outs of finding a place to live.  His familiarity to the area proved invaluable in helping us to quickly narrow down where and how we could see ourselves living.  Knowing how busy he was, we appreciated his quick responses and ability to make us feel well taken care of and our concerns listened to – before, during and after our move.  We were so pleased to have made the connection, and feel lucky to have found exactly what we were looking for with Geoff’s help.  We would (& have) recommend Geoff to anyone looking for a place!

Nik & Jenny Hoffman

We had the best experience possible in buying and selling our house thanks to Courtney and Kurt.  Everybody knows that the process of buying and selling is one of the most stressful experiences in life; they minimized that aspect for us by being so knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and supportive.

I can safely say they were the reason we landed our dream home, in a very competitive market, and they also sold our home for wayyyy more than we expected.  During the buying process they were extremely patient and gracious with their time.  Their relationship with the selling agent and negotiating skills resulted in our offer on our new home being accepted amidst many others.  In turn, their marketing skills led to us receiving SIX offers over list on our prior home on the first day we began accepting offers.  It sold very quickly at more than 10% over list.

In addition, they are generous with recommendations for contractors and just about any other homeowner advice you might need.  On top of all of that professional ability, they are super people to work with and hang with too!  Highest recommendation!

Laurence Dworet & Antonia Robertson

We were experienced home buyers when we started looking for a second home in LA so we set the bar high on our performance expectations from our realtors.  Courtney and Kurt sailed right over the bar.  Blake Hood patiently took us to over 60 houses over 2&1/2 months (we lived in Santa Barbara so it took a while) and answered all questions and followed through on many, many detailed requests with great poise and humor.  He had great inspectors who guided us through problems on the first 3 houses we were in escrow on; we subsequently pulled out of those 3 deals.  Kurt was terrific in both strategy planning for offers and evaluating properties in terms of inspection issues.  But the real test came with a complex Title issue that would have stumped any realtor we’d ever met.  We had only about 10 days to complete the short escrow and the Title came back with the property listed as a duplex even though we were buying it as a Single Family Residence (SFR).  Courtney, with all her experience, was able to pull old city records showing that it had been listed as an SFR, and proved this to the Bank’s appraiser.  Consequently, we were able to save thousands of dollars on our loan (much lower interest rate, etc. for an SFR vs. a Duplex).

We can’t say enough about how great Courtney, Blake and Kurt were.  Would use them again in a second.  No shortcomings.

Eric & Katya Friedman

We are the kind of couple who will search far and wide for a review or testimonial before we do just about anything. We want to hear the truth about other’s experiences to know what we’re getting into – and if we want to get into it.

But for us to actually sit down and share our own opinion on a service, it takes something pretty special. That’s where Courtney and Kurt come in. This is a team that redefines special. We often found ourselves wondering how we could possibly let more people know about them, and about our incredibly positive and fun experience working with them to find our very first house. A house we never would have discovered without their help. A house we love.

When it comes to all things real estate, Courtney and Kurt are not only smart and organized and insightful, they’re also honest and creative. To us, what makes them stand out above the rest is that they’re genuine, sincere, and real. They will never put the sell over the human experience. They offer guidance along with friendship, and are an absolute blast to be around. A lot of laughs were had by all! And they listen. They work within needs and hopes, they don’t try to change them.

We truly feel that Courtney and Kurt give new meaning to the term “above and beyond,” because we asked them 1 million questions. They had 1 million answers, as well as 1 million pounds of patience and kindness and humor to give. So in short, this is a partnership you want to get into. We are so grateful that we did, and that now we get to kick up our heels, look at one another, and say with smiles, “welcome home.”

Craig & Abigail DiGregorio

Buying a new house can be stressful. Buying a new house while selling your current house, working long hours, and taking care of two toddlers can be enough to drive you insane. That was our situation. Yet, somehow, Courtney and Kurt were able to take all the stress out of the situation. They are extremely intelligent, responsible, and well-informed realtors — and on top of that they are wonderful people.

Courtney and Kurt have a roster of talented and trustworthy workers (inspectors, plumbers, electricians, etc.) that they use to make sure your purchase/sale is in top shape. They effortlessly deal with inspections and help fill out documents, so that much of the workload is taken off of their clients’ shoulders.

We have recommended them to multiple friends and family members. Use them, they really do make the entire process so much less stressful.

Sophie-Charlotte Bidet, Esq.

For me, selling my home meant saying goodbye to a book of memories and it wasn’t easy to let go. But Geoff’s presence and professionalism made the process far easier to take the next step. He understood my emotional attachments and honored those feelings. For most real estate agents, it’s about for sale signs, the bottom line and numbers. But Geoff treated the process with compassion, follow-through and dedication to the task that went beyond the mere qualifications. Thanks for everything!

Makisha Brown

Courtney + Kurt are way more than just realtors. I can’t tell you how helpful it is working with realtors who have been through multiple renovations and who own rental property. They helped me to estimate costs, they offered to share super helpful contacts, and they also have excellent taste, so came up with amazing, creative solutions to help paint a picture of what a potential property could become. On top of all of this, they are truly experts in their field. I may not have always listened to their advice, but let me tell you, it was always spot-on. They also didn’t hesitate to leverage their resources to help me get in a home. I am certain no other realtors would have been able to get me the perfect place I ended up with.

I was constantly impressed by how above and beyond they went, but was just amazed after I closed and imagined their job was done, yet the help kept on coming. Courtney was instrumental in helping me become a first time landlady and I now have the honor of also calling her a friend. Did I mention I was a VERY picky client and they never once made me feel like the pain in the butt I know I was? I really can’t say enough great things these guys!

Greg & Samantha Lombardo

Absolutely the best real estate team I have ever worked with. I’ve sold 4 properties and I wish I had found them sooner. Personable, incredibly knowledgeable, strategic and extremely professional. The advice they gave was priceless and they sold our house in 5 days at a record price WELL over asking with a bidding war! The very best agents – bar none! Still need to have that champagne!

Cary Mock & Ken King

When my partner and I finally decided it was time to move into a home with more space, we already knew exactly who to turn to for help. We owned a home in Atwater Village, and were hoping to find something new in the same surrounding areas – Courtney and Kurt were at the top of our list. Having met them personally from their many listings in our neighborhood, we knew them to be extremely knowledgeable and familiar with our neighborhoods of choice, and knew we could count on them to find a buyer for our existing home.

Courtney and Kurt are highly personable, very professional and extremely helpful with all aspects of selling and buying a home. We hired them to find us a new home as well as sell our existing home. They listened to our needs, were in constant contact with us throughout the process, answered all our questions without hesitation, and were so helpful with anything we needed. They made what can typically be a very stressful process run smooth and without incident.

They were so patient as we looked and looked at MANY homes until we found the one perfect for us. When we listed our home, we had multiple offers within days! We are so happy in our new home and we thank Courtney and Kurt for helping us on this adventure. When or if I ever need to sell or buy again, I will hire Courtney and Kurt in a second!!

Nora Cranley & Adam Frost

We wanted to be sure to say a HUGE thank you for everything you have done to help Adam and I buy our first home. From the first meetings with you back in February, to the last of dropping off the keys, you have both been incredibly positive, supportive, helpful, and reassuring that we would find something fitting, and didn’t try to convince us at any point that we were being unrealistic.

You kindly guided us through a very daunting new experience, we now have a handle on everything from bids to escrow! Our experience with you was tremendous, thank you for always answering our persistent emails, questions, and taking the time to talk me off the ledge when needed. Even watering our new garden….big props! We will be sure to recommend you to our friends, as our experience was so great.

We are so excited to transform this little abode into our family home, and have you both over to celebrate soon.

Matthias Bauer & Ricky Davison

We would like to thank you both very much for all of your hard work and how smooth you two made this process. Anytime we had questions or concerns you both were there to assist! We learned so much from this process and working with you guys and your knowledge! One thing we really liked was that we never felt pushed or rushed into buying a place, you guys knew what we liked and found the perfect home! We also appreciate that even though escrow has closed, you are both still here with the answers to our questions, no matter how small they are!

Thank you both very much for making this home buying process fun, and easy! We can’t wait to work with you again on our next purchase!

Again, thank you both so much for this amazing experience!

Danielle Carrig & Patsy Cox

Kurt and Courtney are the best in the business. Every step of the way in our home purchase was met with professionalism, care and candor. They listened carefully to our “wish list” and after months of follow up and negotiation on one home in particular, defeated the odds and secured the win for us. Considering the specific and rare situation with the seller (an investment company), combined with the crazy market we find ourselves in, this was no easy feat. Nonetheless, they succeeded we have our dream home.

I don’t know that you can find a better set of real estate professionals than Courtney Smith and Kurt Wisner. Aside from their incredible market instincts and neighborhood knowledge, they possess a rare blend of intelligence and honest enthusiasm.

What comes through is that they care about each and every project. For two people with such a refined sense of style, they are incredibly down to earth and eager to be involved in every step of the process. Whether it’s dealing with a legal issue or a drainage issue, Courtney and Kurt are right by your side and loving it.

The truth is it’s fun to do business with Courtney and Kurt. It’s easy to have fun when you have such great trust in your partners. And that’s what Courtney and Kurt are, partners. Our family feels very fortunate to have them in our lives.