• Buying a new house can be stressful. Buying a new house while selling your current house, working long hours, and taking care of two toddlers can be enough to drive you insane. That was our situation. Yet, somehow, Courtney and Kurt were able to take all the stress out of the situation. They are extremely intelligent, responsible, and well-informed realtors -- and on top of that they are wonderful people.
    Craig & Abbey DiGregorio
  • Courtney Smith and Kurt Wisner sold our home in Silver Lake – they made it easy, quick and fun – that’s right, fun! It’s the first time we ever sold a house and they were patient with our many questions, easing our anxiety about the process. They were a joy and a pleasure to work with and at times we even forgot we were selling a house – they did everything for us without putting us through any daily drama – which I’m sure they took the brunt of for us. We live in San Francisco and Courtney and Kurt made selling a home “long distance” easy and seamless. They took on all the details, sent us regular updates and everything was submitted on time and with ease. They even handled the details of finalizing the lease with our tenants that were moving out. I wish we had another home we needed to sell just so we could still have regular conference calls with these guys. Courtney and Kurt offer first class service with a laid back attitude - a combination that works like a charm when showing a home. Because Courtney and Kurt know the area so well they priced our home perfectly - generating interest and capturing serious buyers. After getting multiple great offers, we ended up finding the perfect buyers for our home. Courtney and Kurt knew exactly how to spruce up the home, stage it and market it -- and we ended up with a win-win for all parties involved.
    Kathleen & Kurt Schliemann
  • Courtney & Kurt are way more than just realtors. I can't tell you how helpful it is working with realtors who have been through multiple renovations and who own rental property. They helped me to estimate costs, they offered to share super helpful contacts, and they also have excellent taste, so came up with amazing, creative solutions to help paint a picture of what a potential property could become. On top of all of this, they are truly experts in their field. I may not have always listened to their advice, but let me tell you, it was always spot-on.
    Makisha Brown
  • Absolutely the best real estate team I have ever worked with. I've sold 4 properties and I wish I had found them sooner. Personable, incredibly knowledgeable, strategic and extremely professional. The advice they gave was priceless and they sold our house in 5 days at a record price WELL over asking with a bidding war! The very best agents - bar none! Still need to have that champagne!
    Greg & Samantha Lombardo

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